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Psychology 242   
Research in Psychology   
Dr. David J. McKirnan  

Self-Guided Instructional Modules      

Self-Guided Instructional Manuals serve as the textbook for this course.
The modules are more in-depth and complete than the lecture notes.
Use them like a text to clarify each major course topic
Several of them are assigned each week as the equivalent of text readings, along with a quiz.

Find any relevant module here from the complete list.

                1. Critical thinking and science, Part 1.
                2. Critical thinking and science, Part 2.
                3. Beliefs, Facts and the Irrational.
                4. What does science do.
                5. Sources of knowledge.
                6. Research steps; the hour glass model.
                7. Research Ethics 1, The Tuskegee Study.
                8. Research Ethics 2, The Common Rule.
                9. Forming a research question.
                10. Basic research designs.
                11. Quasi-experiments & field studies.
                12. Sampling.
                13. Surveys, Part 1.
                14. Surveys, Part 2.
                15. Descriptive Research.
                16. Complex experiments; Multiple Independent Variables.
                17. Within subjects & blocking designs.


              1. Statistics module 1, Introduction & scales.
              2. Statistics Module 2, Z and the Normal Distribution.
              3. Statistics module 3, The logic of research; Plato's Allegory of the Cave.
              4. Statistics Module 4, Testing hypotheses, the Critical Ratio.
              5. Statistics module 5, Computing t.
              6. Statistics module 6, Central limit theorem.
              7. Statistics Module 7, Correlations.