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Psychology 242
Research in Psychology
Dr. David J. McKirnan

Week 11, Basic Statistics:
Scales, distributions, variance, the normal distribution.

Lecture notes

Key topics: Critical ratio

Scale values & Z scores

Understand all the italicized terms: they will be crucial to the entire statistics section.
The properties of the normal distribution in particular are central to this section.

The lecture notes are here.






Suggested background reading: Your basic statistics chapter(s).

Focus Modules:
You have multiple modules this week. Working though all of them will help you a lot in comprehending statistical analyses and logic:
Statistics module 1; Introduction and scales.
Statistics module 2; Z and the normal distribution.
Statistics module 3, Statistical reasoning; Plato's Allegory of the Cave
Statistics module 4; Testing hypotheses, the critical ratio

For lecture & Discussion Group:

  • Read the articles / media cited below for discussion group.
  • Listen to the NYC RadioLab PodCast about operationally defining death.

  • Discussion Group

    These are the data you will be using for your paper. You can make up data if you like - or use real data - but keep it as simple as this.

    Get a jump on the t-test you have due for next week (and to complete your paper) by going to the assignment for next week and begin working on it now.

    Take these data and follow the instructions for this week.

    Basic frequency distributions.

    Simple score distribution

    Grouping distribution