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Psychology 242
Research in Psychology
Dr. David J. McKirnan

Week 10
Finish Surveys, Write your Methods, Begin Basic Statistics

Lecture notes

This week we will use Monday to finish up surveys and begin basic statistics.


Study for your exam on Wednesday.  Go over your notes and the module slides - run them and give yourself the lectures to ensure you really understand the materials. Study guides for all exams are on the Home Page of the web site.

Focus Module:
Statistics 1; Introduction to numerical scales and distributions.
(Complete this before class...)

Statistics Resources:
Some good (and user friendly!) statistics resources!
This entertaining on-line course on statistics and decision making is systematic if you want to really get stats.
Stat Trek has a good (shorter) tutorial that covers a lot of what we will discuss in class.
The YouTube My Book Sucks site has good statistics videos. This site is best for selecting specific topics to study.
There are certainly others - if you come across a good site let me know so I can share it with the class.

Lecture & Discussion Group:

Discussion group Assignment

Write the methods and results sections of your paper.

This is an important chance to get feedback on your paper, so use it!!   
You should already have written your introduction and design for Week 8.  Now write up your methods, and integrate them with your introduction. This is a lot for a weekly homework assignment – you may not get through all of it – but if you are wise you will use this as an impetus to get the guts of your paper done now, and to get feedback on it in group and from your TA. 

Think of this as a Paper Writing assignment, not just a Discussion Group assignment.
For hints on how a final paper looks, go to the Guide for reading articles.

During discussion group you will form dyads and interview each other about your Methods sections.
The interview guide you will use - which is the template you should follow in writing your final draft - is here.